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welwel is online shopping website. 

We at WELWEL PRIVATE LIMITED are deeply committed to safeguarding and protecting the privacy of the Visitors/Users of our website ( and mobile application. Your trust and support are of immense value to us. This privacy policy sets out ways in which we will treat your personal information. This privacy policy applies to your use of our website ( and welwel mobile application as is further described in our terms of use available at (Terms of Use link). By using our website and mobile application you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out by this privacy policy. You hereby consent and expressly agree that you understand this privacy policy fully.

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The terms “We/Us/Our/Company/WELWEL”; individually and collectively refer to WELWEL PRIVATE LIMITED. The terms “You/Your/Yourself”; refer to the Visitors/Users of the website and welwel mobile application. 

The term “Website” refer to the website, and the term “Mobile Application” refer to welwel mobile application.

The term “Digital Platforms” refer to our website, and welwel mobile application.

The term “Services” refer to any services offered by WELWEL PRIVATE LIMITED through its website ( and through its mobile application.

The term “Product or Products” refers to an item (tangible or intangible) which offered for sale through the website ( and mobile application. 

The term “Group” means, with respect to any person, any entity that is controlled by such person, or any entity that controls such person, or any entity that is under common control with such person, whether directly or indirectly, or, in case of a natural person, and any relative (as such term is defined in the companies Act, 1956 and Companies Act, 2013 to the extent it is applicable) of such person.